Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Le Random

Ok, Lets start with this awesome corset. 

Isn't it beautiful? It's my next one, I swear. And it's only $275! But, it's two parts, so I can wear it longer. ^^  The ruffle is a bit interesting, I might order it without it.

This is my other favorite, and I can think of more uses for it too, but it's not my red and black motif...Though it'd look awesome with a red dress... I might even see if she could add a hood to it for even more use. The sleeves are detachable for summer wear. It's $280 as it is now.

Ok, moving right along.

I know haven't posted in a few days. Sorry, not too much has been going on.  Been working mornings at the deli.
Oh, deli drama. It's just as bad as pool drama. So-and-so, hates so-and-so, who won't work with so-and-so.  Then people get upset and just grumble and gossip.
The lo-down is as such. One's prego, so she's all over the place mood-wise. I was suppose to be the boss to day, but I had no idea what was going on. During the lunch hours we were overstaffed, but starting at two we had more than enough staff. Cheese wouldn't come help, and the cook kept vanishing. Oh, and the word on the cook is that he comes in high, but there's no proof so shush. The main worker today always seems like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.

So ya, if I was any better at writing screen plays I'd be making a sitcom. I might just jot down some notes and hand them off to people and say 'Have fun!'. Not sure yet. The idea for my cafe sitcom is still floating around in my head, and they might start breeding if I leave them both there for a while.

So, we bought our own internet today. >.< Ya, I know. Paying for internet...Sucks, but what can you do. It's commitment free, but the instillation is broken into 3 months. So the way I see it, I'm paying (Yes, I'm paying. It's Chad's birthday present) $100 a month for the next 3 months, then we'll get into a contract after that if we're still here.

In other news, Dog sitting is going well. This might mean I get a puppy sooner than Chad expected. Mwahaha.
Maybe. We'll see.

Finally used my Victoria's Secret gift card I got for my bridal shower. Ya, that was back in May, but whatever. I got some nice lotions that Chad liked the scent of.

Ok, babbling's gotten stupid, so I'm out of here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dog sitting

Today is the first day of Dog Sitting Genny - Chad's dog from childhood. So far, so good. We're hopping she doesn't revert to her puppy-like behavior of tearing stuff up when we have to go back to work.

Work yesterday was alright. Very long day. 9 hours at Freddys kinda wears you down. In the last two hours I managed to get soaked with a hose, and get my pants splashed with grease. Fun times.

Hum. What to babble about today...Not sure. Kinda gonna spend a lazy day today. Just got to get Genny to Petco for a nail trim by 6:30.

I'll post more if I think of anything.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

They like me, they really like me!

Just to start out: Wow. Just wow.  You guys rock. I'll give the blog an honest try then. ^^

Hum, writers block again. Well, last time I just babbled, so we'll try that again.

Had a awesome night last night. Picked Chad up from work, took him out to a nice dinner (Should have saved it for next week for his birthday, but whatever), and we went food shopping. I don't know if you have ever gone shopping with a half-asleep man, but it's pretty much like shopping alone with the help of a voice that answers "I don't know." to any question of "Should we get this?". lol. Enjoyable none-the-less. After all, it could be worse. I would hate to let the DnD group loose in Winco. Safeway was bad enough.

For those that have never shopped late at night with the DnD group - Lucky you. lol. N re-organizes shelves, and the two JB's try to re-re-organize. N realizes, and then starts throwing random objects into the next isle. D & Chad just try and help but end up running around grabbing what we need.
Poor Safeway.

Was I on a topic? Oh ya! Last night! Ok, so we get home and we get a text from TK! Taka-chan wants to hang out. So we talk it over; romantic just the two of us night, or fun movie night with the TK. TK won out - Romantic evenings don't lead well to Chad finishing a character for his DnD group (that I have to work through *pout*) getting done. So Chad goes out to get TK. We watched Animal House and had a great cuddle pile. ^^ Happiness. More people should have picked up their phones to join us. *poke poke*

So ya, last night was great. J-man came over this morning and the three of them headed out. They're taking TK home and then the boys are off to a DnD game. I've got work, but I'm glad they get to play.

Work sucks, but what's new? I cut lunch meat for Freddy's, so it's not exactly glamorous. Just need a bit more start-up cash to start the massage biz and then I'm out. I should just look for a job working for a spa for now, but I don't want to kill my hands before I start. As it is, they've been locking up more lately. I think it means I'm overdue for a massage myself. Should go to my main guy and have him pop my carpal tunnel back into place. the weird writers block thing again. Guess that means it's time to go. Later y'all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First post

So, I've been getting the strange urge lately to do a blog. Not sure what about, but we'll give this a try.

So...What am I suppose to put here?  I have a friend who just randomly types on a topic. I have another who's blogs are thought provoking. Not sure which I'm going for.

I guess this is just a way to get me back into writing again. I kinda gave it up to go to Massage school. Now picking it back up is hard. Running Role-playing games isn't quite the same, as you have a bunch of other people helping run the story, you just need a plot. Controlling the whole world is a bit more difficult.
I've also noticed that my characters got a bit overpowered and/or 'Mary-Sue'-ish over the years. Too perfect, too powerful, too much of a main character that you hate. I'm trying to fix this. This means that I might end up posting random story ideas/character bios/drabbles (a story less than 500 words) on here. I might start a livejournal for that though. Seems that's what all the noob writers these days are doing.

Oh! Is it just me, or does this background look like stylized blood?  No, just me? Oh well, I like it, even if it is pink...

Ok, I guess I'm babbling. Not sure if that means I should get off or what.

If anyone is reading this...I don't know why you are. You must really like me...