Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gamer Challenge Day 1

Day 01 - The first game that got you hooked on gaming
That would be this game here; Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros
Followed up Quickly by it's sequel; Smash Bros Melee.

And then it's latest addition, Smash Bros Brawl.

I have fond memories of going to my friend Taka-chan's house when I was 10 and she was 8, and playing Super Smash Bros. We tended to play as Pikachu, Jigglypuff or Kirby, the only characters we really knew, and would sometimes branch out into Mario or Link just for fun.

Later on, with my friend Neko, we discovered the joys of Super Smash Bros Melee, where Peach could throw turnips, Pikachu and Jigglypuff now had backup in the form of Pichu and Mewtwo, and  Marth, Roy Link and Young Link were the cutest characters in the game. I was 13 at the time. Neko and I drifted apart as the years passed, but Super Smash Bros Melee was always the party game of choice. It was also one of the first games I bought when I got my own GameCube at the age of 19.

Once I got my own copy, I then did my best to unlock all the characters in the game, and in doing so I found a few things. The Ice Climbers are my favorite Character. Roy and Marth will always hold a special place in my heart as the heart-throbs of the game. Bowser is a powerhouse that's fun to play and annoys people who are used to people with patterns, i.e. Play Pikachu. While I am still good at Pikachu, and thus, Pichu, they are rather annoying, about as annoying as Captain Falcon. Peach is only good when dressed as Daisy. Luigi will never be as good as Mario. Dr. Mario, on the other hand, shouldn't exist. Finally; I can't play more than an hour to three before I get bored by myself.

Smash Bros Brawl came out in 2008, so about three years ago now. I only got a wii about 6 months ago, but this is on my "Buy as soon as the price goes down" list. I love this game. Nate had a copy while Chad was at school, so I got to play about once a week or so. I can't say too much more, since I never actually played it, but I enjoyed what I did play. I will say, Not happy with Toon Link or Lucas, but I love the Pokemon Trainer and Pit. SOO much love for Pit. <3 He replaced Roy, which was sad, cause Roy was always cooler than Marth, but what can you do? I'm glad the Ice Climbers are back, cause like I said, I love playing them. Nana and Popo are the sweetest character set ever. I'm intrigued by Sonic and Wario is much much much better than Dr. Mario.

So yes. The game that really started it all was (and still is) a game I rarely get to play. Funny, huh?