Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I had a dream, A dream about you, baby...

Gunshots masked the sound of my alarm this morning. No, not real ones, I'm fine. Dream gunshots.
I don't know how I got in the situation, but I know that I was in a warehouse with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman sexy version. He was saving me from something, some organization or something. He handed me this gun, which I think shot those Nerf balls, you know, the 2inch foam rubber ones that don’t fly very well? Yeah. I had a machine gun that shot those, only it could kill people like real bullets. So, we were running from this big group of people, shooting behind us and in front of us, cause they surrounded us. More people on our side joined us, and they had Mavericks, the cool looking Nerf guns, only they shot real bullets. Oh, and someone had a 9mm Glock, but I think that was a bad guy, cause I ended up with it somehow. So, we're running down this staircase, and Wolverine, this large black lady and someone else (Cyclops? Idk, I saw blue) were holding most of them off, but a few slipped past and were going to get me. I tried to shoot my machine gun at them, but I was out of ammo, and yelled that up to Wolverine. He told me to grab a Maverick off a dead guy, but we hadn't killed anyone down here yet, and my 9mm was out of ammo too. So I'm up against three people, and I'm know I'm about to die, but then one of the guys shoots another guy and then takes his gun, and hands me both guns (His and the now dead guy's). I look at him and it's The Doctor (The newest one, 11 I think). I shoot the other guy. Then The Doctor looks at me and says "You have to do it, they can't know I'm on your side." So I aim the gun at The Doctor's head and say "Thank you, Doctor. I love you." He smirks as I set the gun against his temple and pull the trigger. As I shot him, I got a "flashback" for lack of a better word. See, he just looked like The Doctor. He wasn't Dr. Who, he was just our field medic, who we called Doc, but I guess I didn't think young cute guy should be called Doc, cause that's an old person name, so I called him Doctor. So I didn't kill The Doctor, I just killed our doctor. While I was having the flashback, I may have gotten shot in the shoulder.
Cause that’s when I woke up.

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