Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy, but that's how it goes.

Just going to start this post by saying that it's freaking cold in here.  The hole in the wall is still not fixed, not looking like it'll get fixed for another month.

Did you hear it's gonna be 20f next week? (Though, that was just on the radio, the internet says 40's.) Yes, that's right. Below freezing.

Anyway. We found two apartments we like, and more or less chose one. It's a three bedroom, so I can have my business out of the home, and it's got an indoor pool. The only thing we didn't like about it was the pet policy. Oh, did I mention the indoor pool is less than 10ft away from the back door of the place we'd be getting? (Did I also mention that working out at a gym sucks for me and swimming is so much more healthy?)

We can sign the papers tomorrow, Move the bed and stuff in on Saturday (If my dear friend with a truck is free), and then Chad can go to work Monday thru Friday and I'll see if my dear friend (and her truck) are free all week to help me move boxes and such. (Dear Friend, I will pay you in tea, and booze, and pizza, and home cooked non-vegan food, and lots and lots of love. <3 )
 But Chad's being slow to decide. He's thinking we should wait a month, move in in January. But he wants out of this apartment. But he hates rushing, esp with all our finances. We can afford it easy.(Well, not easy, but still)

But here's my thought:

What do we lose by not buying now? "THE F*CKING SALE" "MY F*CKING MIND" are the two answers that come to mind.

I spent all of my time the last week looking up apartments in the area. I am the one that did all the homework, called all the places, got the headaches. I am the one that has to give up business growth in order to further personal and family growth.

But I see that staying until we hear from Nvidia might not be too bad. Other than the hole in the wall. And the crappy landlord.

Also, Why is it that my mother-in-law has to doubt everything I research?  In other news, lately my mother-in-law's voice has been giving me headaches. Not sure why...


That's my problems for the day.


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